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🌟 Join the Six Pillar Lending Revolution: A Commitment to Excellence and Honor 🌟

At Six Pillar Lending, we’re more than just another lending institution. We’re a promise, a commitment, and a beacon for those who’ve served.

🚀 We’re Hiring!

Yes, you heard it right! Six Pillar Lending is actively seeking passionate, dedicated individuals to join our team. We’re not just looking for employees; we’re searching for visionaries who align with our mission to transform the lending landscape.

🎗️ A Pledge to our Heroes

Our nation’s veterans and active-duty servicemembers embody the core values we hold dear: duty, honor, and integrity. That’s why at Six Pillar Lending, we’ve made a solemn commitment to recognize and reward these heroes. It’s not merely an obligation—it’s our honor.

Here’s How We Support Our Military Family:

1. Special Programs: Tailored programs and support services, ensuring our military community receives the recognition and care they deserve.
2. Training & Mentorship: Opportunities to grow, learn, and ascend the corporate ladder, backed by guidance from industry leaders.
3. Community Initiatives: Giving back and being present in military-focused community events, because we’re more than a lending company—we’re a Veteran organization.

🌐 Unparalleled Benefits & Rewards

Joining the Six Pillar Lending team doesn’t just mean you’re securing a job. You’re securing a future. Our unique compensation structure sets us apart:

🔶 Higher Commission Rates: Earn more for your hard work and dedication. We believe in rewarding excellence, and our commission structure is a testament to that.

🔷 Profit Sharing: When we succeed, you succeed. Our profit-sharing model ensures that every team member reaps the benefits of our collective achievements.

🔶 Company Equity: Be a part of something bigger. At Six Pillar Lending, every employee has the opportunity to hold a stake in our future, making success a shared journey.

The Future Is Here. And It Starts With You.

At Six Pillar Lending, we’re not just changing the lending game; we’re rewriting the rules. With a focus on integrity, commitment, and community, we’re on a mission to make a difference—one loan, one servicemember, one veteran at a time.

Ready to be a part of the revolution? Join Six Pillar Lending today, and let’s shape the future together!

📞 Submit your application or Contact Us today to get more information about our unique business model, employee ownership, and the (hopefully) future of the mortgage business.

About Working for Six Pillar Lending

MLO Team Structure

We have two tracts for employees. Our team structure assigns Team MLO’s to a Team Leader to provide training, support, & mentorship.  Each Team Leader supervises a maximum of 3-5 Team MLO’s.  Team Leaders are assigned to Senior Team Leaders that provide training, support, and mentorship; supervising a maximum of 3-5 Team Leaders.  

If you don’t want to work under the team structure and produce an average of $1 million or more per month you can work as an Independent MLO, Senior MLO, or Executive MLO.  

Compensation & Benefits

Six Pillar Lending tries to pay its employees the most it can, not the least it can. The first loan closed in each month will be maxxed out for commission. Employees are W-2 and provided benefits through earned commissions.

Equity Sharing

50% of Six Pillar Lending LLC company stock has been set aside for employee ownership.  Employees earn shares based on performance, tenure, and company position.  

Profit Sharing

On top of our outstanding commission structure, Six Pillar Lending will share company profits based on company stock ownership. Those who are part of the employee ownership group will determine if and how much of the profit share will be distributed to the employee ownership group.

Leadership Team

There will be a Leadership Team made up of company leadership and employee leadership. Employee Leaders will be elected to serve a term on the Leadership Team, giving perspective and a voice to the management of the company.

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